She is flying up to heaven,

with her wings spread out so wide.

Then she'll walk right up those golden steps,

to meet her husband by her side.

This is what she always wanted,

to be in his loving arms.

To hold it all forever,

where there can be no harm.

For age can't change what love has made

or time would slow us down,

and if love was water and time were weight,

then we would surely drown.

I know we're going to miss her,

and we will shed our tears.

But please remember who she was

for all those many years.

And I know she must be thinking,

"My family! Is this True?"

But don't worry oh dear Ruby,

We're all still loving you.

written by Kathleen Lenora Joy Howard

to celebrate the life of her Grandmother,

Ruby Lenora Palmer, December 29, 1914 - June 22, 2001

on the event of her passing.

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This poem copyright © 2001 by Kathleen Lenora Joy Howard

Used by permission

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